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All of our juices are made with fresh fruits and vegetables and made locally at our café. Each cold-pressed juice is packed with vital nutrients and provides many important health benefits. Whether you’re looking to hit the “reset” button, or kick start a new healthier eating lifestyle start with a Whole Sum experience.

Choose a program that fits your needs

1-2 day: A great place for beginners or those looking for a quick reset.
3 day: Feel recharged, refreshed, reduce bloating & more with our 3 day cleanse.
4-5 day: Reach a new level of euphoria, detox and balance with our 4 and 5 day juice cleanse package. Created for those looking for a rewarding experience.

Juice Cleanse
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To ensure freshness all cleanse packages must be ordered one day prior  to pick-up.

Many companies selling juice do so under the guise of “fresh” when in fact they have been pasteurized and may already be 45 days old when you purchase.  This doesn’t sound very fresh to us!

Our products are truly fresh, never pasteurized & have a limited shelf life. They need to remain refrigerated & sealed until you are ready to consume. Plan to pick up your package the day before, or morning of, your cleanse start date. 
Please note: 4 & 5 day packages require a second pick up. 

Each package contains 6 juices per day

Ko Tao: carrot + apple + orange + ginger + lime
Corfu:   spinach + apple + cucumber + celery + kale + lemon
Berlin:   lemon + maple syrup + cayenne + filtered water

Bora Bora:   beet + carrot + apple + lime
Copenhagen: celery + cucumber + kale + pear + spinach + romaine + parsley
Vermilion:  cashew milk + agave + vanilla + cinnamon

Want to maximize your cleanse?  We’ve provided instructions to help you along your journey!  

Learn about cleansing and discover  the benefits!