What is a Juice Cleanse?

During a juice cleanse, you simply drink juice, that's it. Eliminating solid food from your routine for a few days can be a mental challenge, but the benefits are awesome! It's like pressing the restart button for your body and mind. This gives your digestive system a break and allows your body to flush out harmful toxins. Our raw juice provides a large amount of healing nutrients and antioxidants that your body will use to its advantage. There are around 1,000 calories in one day of our juice cleanse, so you can expect some weight loss while experiencing full & wholesome nutrition.

How long should I cleanse?

If this is your first juice cleanse, ease into it with 1-2 days. If you want to take it a step further, try 3-4 days, or even 5. Most importantly, listen to your body.

What does it mean to detoxify your body?

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. Juicing aids in your natural detoxing process by giving your body essential nutrients and antioxidants -  nourishment without the extra junk. This influx of proper nutrition helps to break up and eliminate the build up of toxins in the body

Can you give me some background on the benefits?

During a cleanse you can experience many different benefits. These benefits differ from person to person, but can include weight loss, increased energy, improved bodily functions, mental clarity, overall increased discipline, decreased pain, increased sensitivity, and improved time management (you don't have to make food for yourself!) Every experience is different and that is the beauty of it!

9 benefits of a juice cleanse

1) Improve energy & mental clarity
2) Eliminate bloating & promote weight loss
3) Recharge your liver
4) Recalibrate portion size & appetite
5) Better understanding of your relationship with food
6) Curb cravings
7) Reduce physical ailments such as inflammation
8) Detox your body of harmful substances
9) Give your digestive system & guts a much needed rest


Keeping it Fresh

Since Whole Sum does not pasteurize its juices or nut milks, they are living organisms and have a limited shelf life.  Therefore, they need to remain refrigerated and sealed until you are ready to consume - exposure to oxygen will degrade the integrity of the drinks and cause them to taste nasty!


You did it!  Seriously, signing up can be the hardest part! In the days leading up to your cleanse you should begin limiting intake of heavy, starchy foods, caffeine, and alcohol.

The Cleanse

You should begin each morning with a glass of warm lemon water (great liver stimulant) followed by your first juice – there is no particular order to consume your juices, just make sure you don’t have the same juice twice in a given day.  Each day consists of 6 bottles of fresh juice – they range from sweet and delicious to dense greens; consume one drink every 2 to 2.5 hours.  For some people, 6 juices/day feels like a lot.  However, even if you are not hungry when it’s time for your next juice, it’s important to drink your next juice to maintain proper blood sugar levels and caloric intake.  Between each juice you should consume 16 oz of filtered water (we like to refill the bottle we just finished); this helps your body flush out all sorts of nasty toxins.

I Love Coffee!

Ditto!  And we have really great coffee at the cafe, too.  However, you should plan to eliminate coffee and soda during your cleanse – we know, this is often the toughest part for people.  If you insist on the caffeine, try replacing coffee with green tea.  But if you absolutely need your coffee to survive, we strongly encourage minimizing your intake to have the most successful cleanse possible.  And ditch the cream/sugar/milk.

It goes without saying, during your cleanse you should not consume any alcohol.  It's tough, we know, but it’s only a few days.

But I get Hangry

If you are experiencing M.C.N (must chew now) syndrome, first check in with yourself and see if you are really hungry or if you are simply craving the chewing sensation.  If the answer is the latter, let it go!  YOU CAN DO THIS. 

If the answer is that you truly are very hungry and you need a little extra something to push through . . . honor this!  Do not beat yourself up about having a sensible snack and then jumping right back on track with your juices.  Avocado, a green salad, a piece of fruit or a small handful of nuts will not undo all of the good you are doing.


This is not the time to gorge on pizza + wings + beer.  You just did something amazing for your body, don’t undo it.  Begin by reintroducing light foods back into your diet – salads, soups, fish – your body will love you and continue to reap the rewards of your dedication.